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Visitors to find their Internet Explorer and Outlook Express programs hijacked by this vile MS browser add-on. Much has been written about it in the GRC newsgroups and elsewhere, none of it good. Here's an example:

"Another site called "" is worse than the Melissa Virus. It does a LOT of unathorized stuff. The first thing it does is installs a program called "Windows Startup" into your start menu that will keep reconfiguring your browser to go to their site at startup, no matter how many times you remove it. THEN even worse than that it attaches an advertisement to EVERY message you send out, giving all the people who get your mail the "suggestion" that YOU want them to visit their site. Then of course they get "infected" and pass on the "gohip" add in all the email they send out." (courtesy of "Bob")

The description from the GoHip! website is a bit different: "The GoHip! portal is a meta-search engine that brings back the top results from many other popular search engines. It is user-configurable giving visitors the ability to select which search engines to include in their searches. GoHip! also has a proprietary search option that allows users to select an information source (e.g. news, shopping, entertainment etc.), making search results more relevant and user-specific."

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Uninstall GoHip!  

For MS Outlook Express v 5.01, 5.5 for Win 98 Second Edition: See MS Knowledge Base article: "Outlook Express E-mail Signature Line Adds a Tag"

Additionally, the following information is courtesy of "Alan E.":

What Go Hip! does:

1. Your DEFAULT LINK to your Home page will take you to GoHip!

2. Your SEARCH DEFAULT will take you to the GoHip! search.

3. A BOOKMARK feature will be added to your file. This feature will add additional BOOKMARKS to your directory.

4. Your SIGNATURE LINE on all of your outbound e-mails will be modified to promote the GO HIP! Free Video Update, making your e-mail recipients eligible for free video. has placed a file in your Windows directory that sets your autosignature, changes your search page, and sets your home page. This executable is called winstartup.exe. This file is located in c:\windows.

Delete it. If you're running Win98, also uncheck it from the Startup tab in MSCONFIG, where it will show up as c:\windows\winsta~1.exe.

To remove the gohip browser "enhancement" read:

Current: Aug 24-00

Quoted excerpts are © GoHip! unless otherwise noted.

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