A big thanks to Webfairy for providing the free web hosting for this site. It couldn't survive the hit traffic without you!

Mike Meyer

Mike has allowed us to distribute his HostsToggle program, and he took over the big task of maintaining the Hosts file when Stephen Martin decided to move on to other things.


Dexter is a good dog! Special thanks to Pyrenean for allowing the free distribution of his program, eDexter, by this site. Also, thanks to Dr. Vaughn for the introduction.

Stephen Martin

For starting your site first, which contains a very comprehensive list of sites to block, and for allowing me to use your list in compiling my Hosts.txt file. Also, thanks for your suggestions for making my own site better.


Thanks for the help with the opening when I first wrote this site - it helped me get something good up there quickly.


Thanks for suggesting a note telling when the Hosts.txt file was last updated. (it is now in both the Hosts.txt file and in the instructions.) Also, thanks for the help with wording one of my Notes: sections, and for the suggestion on using dots instead of the plain transparent images.


Thanks for pointing out an error on the localhost entry in my original instructions.

Kevin A.

Thanks for your suggestion on telling a user how they could test their new Hosts configuration, and for suggesting that I include divisions in the Hosts file by server type.


Thank you for suggesting the section on Hosts file restrictions and for giving me good examples of them, and for your very helpful comments as always. The submissions for eDexter images was a great idea!


Thanks for inspiring the extensionless Hosts file.


Thanks for getting the discussion started and for the numerous responses to questions in GRC's forums - you have been very helpful! Many thanks for your great involvement with DNSKong as well.

Steve Gibson

Thanks for providing the news groups that got this all started.


Thanks for helping to compile the Hosts ad server list.

Everyone Else

A special thanks to everyone else who may have sent me suggestions or nice comments. Your help in making this site better is greatly appreciated. I am truly sorry if I have missed thanking anyone directly that I should have, but rest assured I am thankful for every response I have received.

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