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Macintosh users can now use the ad-blocking Hosts file:

As long requested, Macintosh users will now be able to use the same ad-blocking Hosts file as Windows users, courtesy of Gorilla Design Studios. GDS has converted the Windows Hosts file from Stephen Martin's website into a format that the Macintosh can understand and use for blocking ads. Simply follow these directions, and you will be effortlessly blocking ads in no time:

(1.) Download the Macintosh Hosts file from Gorilla Design Studio.

(This version of the Hosts file was last updated on March 21, 2001, and is 386K in size)

(2.) Save the Hosts file in your "Preference" folder if there is currently not a Hosts file, or copy the text from the Hosts file to the end of any existing Hosts file text you may have. Be sure to save the file as "Hosts" without any file extensions on it. Do not save it as "Hosts.txt"

Or, if that doesn't work: Copy the Mac hosts file to your computer. In the TCP/IP Control Panel, make sure you are in advanced user mode (Edit > User Mode > Advanced) and then choose 'Select Hosts file' and Select the file you downloaded. Close the Control Panel.

(3.) Reboot your system.


Gorilla Design Studio offers limited support for Macintosh users. Currently, GDS does not have a Macintosh to perform testing on, so it can offer little help to those for whom the basic directions do not work.

Last updated on April 28th, 2001