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About This Site

The information on this site is a collection of quoted materials from other websites along with information from a helpful, intelligent, dedicated bunch of people who can be found in Usenet security & privacy related usenet newsgroups and the GRC newsgroups (

Resolution & Browser Compatibility: Stop the browser insanity! Pages verified OK in Netscape v3x & v4x and in IE v4x at 800x600 resolution. Text size can be quickly adjusted via browser "View" setting but may cause unintentional wrapping. Pages render differently in different browsers without affecting content.

Please email me at if you are having problems viewing this site. Include: OS, browser and version, ad blockers used, whether you use the hosts file or not, monitor size, resolution used, or any other info that might help in troubleshooting the problem.

WebWasher Users: With WebWasher activated, users will see blank spaces that look like errors on these pages. WebWasher's "Standard Filters" and any "URL Filters" added manually in the "Standard Filters" section prevent matching links on these pages from being displayed.

To view these pages with all links showing, WebWasher must be temporarily deactivated by clicking the icon in the System Tray. Then Netscape users must: Click Reload while holding down the shift key; and IE users must: Empty cache (View | Internet Options | Delete Files) then click Refresh.

As an example, the "About" section on the Doubleclick page should view as: About DoubleClick: - - -

with the DoubleClick urls as clickable links. However, WebWasher 2.1.1's Standard Filters include filters for and so with WebWasher active this displays as: About DoubleClick: - - -

Why does this happen? WebWasher filters sites by rewriting web pages on the fly. When it comes across a link that matches a filter, it rewrites the text link (a href) as an image link (img src) and then blocks the "image". This can be seen by looking at the Source for the page being viewed.

Switching directly from WebWasher to Proxomitron will cause broken "images" to appear in place of the blank spaces WebWasher wrote. To fix this, empty your browser cache and Refresh or Reload the page.

Don't forget to reactivate WebWasher when leaving this site!

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This site uses no cookies or other tracking methods, no scripts and no active content. It looks better in IE than in Netscape.
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