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Thank You!

Thanks to The WebFairy for offering to host this site. Without this space, these pages would be homeless. She's also been a big help in QC'ing my hinky html.

Thanks to Stephen Martin whose work on maintaining the Hosts Groups/Updates list inspired me to collect stuff to go with it. He's always willing to make adjustments to help out even though my requests always cause him more work.

Thanks to Gorilla for all his work on his GDS Hosts site. He's made the hosts file easy to understand and use (and he puts up with all my questions too). And thanks to Pyrenean for eDexter, hosted on Gorilla's site.

Thanks to Bruce, Mike C., Milly, and Robert Wycoff for their suggestions and kind remarks regarding this site. Their encouragement has helped me more than I can say and more than they can know.

Thanks to Anne-Christine and Urizen (AD-aware), Rebeccah Prastein (Zone Alarm), and the other software developers who go beyond expectations by helping out in the newsgroups. Their programs are great and their patience is even greater.

Thanks to Mike from Voice Of The Public for sending me lots of juicy news stories, and to all who take the time to send me links, pointers, and updates.

Thanks to Willem, Ralph, Allen, Ronnie, Ian and the many others who allow their work to be shared on this website. And thanks to all the regulars in the GRC newsgroups, too numerous to mention individually, who share their time, energy and knowledge with everyone freely on the newsgroups.

And of course, thanks to Steve Gibson for giving us all a place to be and for his continuing fight for privacy for all of us.

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