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Disclaimers Other & Legal Stuff

  1. All information presented on this site is for educational and reference purposes only. While I do my best to be accurate I'm only human (darnit!) so this site may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

  2. Though it's beyond my experience I've heard that everything changes. If that's true, by its very definition "everything" must include information referenced on this website. Therefore I must recommend visiting the websites linked from here to obtain the latest information. Investigate. Experiment. Do further reading. Don't believe everything you read.

  3. Any changes you choose to make to your system(s) are your own responsibility made at your own risk. Always back up your system(s) and/or registry before making any configuration changes for any reason. Proceed with caution. I'm not responsible enough to water a houseplant weekly so don't expect me to take responsibility for your computer. I'm only responsible for my own computer problems.

  4. This site contains links that lead outside of this site. Except for Stephen Martin's Hosts Groups/Updates Site, links to other sites are unobfuscated and show clearly where they lead. Read links before you click on them. Besides not being responsible for anyone else's computer, I'm not responsible for the contents of other websites. As frustrating as it is, I have no control over what's going on elsewhere online or offline.

  5. Inclusion of a company profile on this site constitutes neither a condemnation nor a recommendation. It's simply information. Users are expected to do further reading and to make up their own minds. Quoted material from other websites are excerpts and may be misinterpreted out of context.

  6. All Trade Names, Trademarks, Company Names, etc are the property of whoever they are the property of... umm, they are the property of whoever legally owns them. They belong to whoever paid for them. You know what I mean.

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