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Recent Changes To This Site

Sept 28-00

On Main page, updated News; On Download Helpers page, added a comment by Allen B. to GetIT; On Cookies page, indicated pchelp's page (MSN Cookie Data Crosses Domains) was updated Sept 03; On Links page, added Georgi Guninski's site in Privacy & Security section.

Sept 27-00

I'm finally back from my extended reformatting/reinstalling (why do something once when you can do it 4 or 5 times? I learned that in aerospace.) On Main page, updated News (only 2 weeks behind now!); On Proxomitron page, added a link to Willem's new illustrated instructions for installing his Killfile list. He's done a super job - thanks very much for sharing this! Added 2 new Prox pages that Willem did to go along with this; On Conducent page, corrected link to a post by pchelp that was changed now that articles are moved to the archives (thanks, Garland!); On Cookies page, indicated pchelp's page (MSN Cookie Data Crosses Domains) was updated Sept 03; On Links page, added version 2.2 release info for WebWasher.

Sept 13-00

On Proxomitron page, updated Willem's Killfile list to version 2000.09.12 and added a new page: Willem's illustrated directions for installing the Killfile; On Chaining Proxies page, added illustrations for Opera v4.02: Daisy-chaining WebWasher and Proxomitron. I'll be offline (just me, not the site) till the 16th or 17th.

Sept 11-00

Changed title of "Cookies: Info, Tips, & Tricks" page to "Cookies, Caches, & Web Bugs"; in Internet Explorer section, added info on download problems using "read-only" trick, and in Links section, added links to Web Bugs sites; On Links page 1, added Cookie Jar to the Browser & Cookie Filters section, and added Cookie Pal and CookieWall to Browser, Cache & Cookie Utilities section; On Links page 2, added RegEdit+ and What's Happening to Registry and System Utilities section.

Sept 09-00

On Main page, updated News; On Links page, updated Aureate/Radiate List.

Sept 06 to 08-00

On Main page, updated News; Added new Bonzi Software and Web3000 pages to Adware, Badware, and Spyware section; On DCOM/SOAP page, added section on Disabling MDM.exe; On Download Helpers page, added Jaap's test results to GetSmart (thank you!), and new version info to Download Mage; On Chaining Proxy Programs page, added Stoned's how-to for WW & Prox in Opera (thank you!); On Links page, revised Simtel readme.txt info.

Sept 04-00

On Main page, updated News; Reviewed all Advertising and Marketing sites: Major Updates to reflect new information to AdForce and pages; and Minor Updates to Bluestreak and Cybereps pages.

Sept 02-00

On Main page, updated News; On Comet Cursor page, included note to disable installation of desktop items for IE in "Prevent Automatic Installs" section; On Proxomitron page, updated Willem's Killfile list to version 2000.09.01; On Cookies page: Added Internet Explorer cookie, cache, & history cleanup info, added pchelp's "cookout.bat" to Netscape section, and added links to pchelp's "MSN Cookie Data Crosses Domains..." and Richard M. Smith's "Microsoft Word Documents that Phone Home" pages to Links & News section; Links page: Split it up for faster loading, and added "FTC Privacy Initiatives" and the "Privacy Foundation" to the Privacy & Security section.

Aug 30-00

New logo, new email address; Updated News Stories on main page; On Links page: Added Windows Clean Up! to the Browser, Cache & Cookie Utilities section.

Aug 27 & 28-00

Finished reformatting pages (finally); Updated Announcements and News Stories on main page, and added link to Voice of the Public's Privacy News page; On Adware, Badware, and Spyware page, added links to's pages on "Adware" and "Drug Dealer ware"; On Aureate/Radiate, Conducent (Timesink), & Mattel (Brodcast) pages, added links to's pages; On Links page: Added Cookie Cop Plus to the Browser, Cache & Cookie Utilities section, and updated the Aureate/Radiate List (added BuzMe); On Download Helpers page, added Smart FTP; On Proxomitron page, revised install directions for Willem's Killfile list, corrected typo in the list, and renamed it to WillemList.txt. Either download the corrected list or edit your existing list by changing the Burstmedia Section to read:

## BurstMedia

Aug 26-00

Reformatted most of remaining pages (links left to do); On Proxomitron page: Moved some stuff around, added "URL Kill Filtering And Hosts" and "URL-Killer (v3b) " sections, updated Willem's Killfile List & changed his email address, and moved chaining section to a new Proxy Chaining page; Added Download Mage to Download Helpers page; Updated kudos page.

Aug 24-00

Changed format of almost all pages (links, odds & ends left to do). Hopefully they're easier to read with info on them more accessible; Updated all links on Engage page for their site redesign, and updated Privacy and Opt-Out info for Engage and Adknowledge; Updated Comet Cursor page to reflect new Privacy email contact, Privacy Policy links, and Version 2.0 Privacy Statement info; On Conducent page, moved manual removal of Timesink to a separate page; Updated ValueClick Privacy Policy; Reformatted and added news article to TRUSTe page; On Links page, added Steve's Downloaders page to Download Helpers section.

Aug 21-00

Updated main page; Added new GoHip! page; Updated Willem's Killfile List on Proxomitron page to latest version; Added note about Lavasoft's Spyware List to Cydoor and Conducent/Timesink pages; Updated Advertising & Marketing Companies and Sitemap pages to match updated hosts list.

Aug 20-00

Corrected link to Willem's Killfile on Proxomitron page; Corrected link to valueclick.prf on Picsrule page; On Links page, revised AD-aware description and corrected link for The Aureate/RadiateList.

Aug 19-00

Updated main page; Added new Proxomitron: Info, Tips, & Tricks page; On DCOM page, added note for Windows Media Encoder and a link to CounterExploitation webpage; On Aureate/Radiate page, added Orangesoda and a pointer to The Aureate/Radiate List on the Links page; On WebSideStory page, added; On Links page: in the Spyware section, revised AD-aware description and added The Aureate/Radiate List by Allen and Ronnie; in the Browser, Cache & Cookie Utilities section, added Purge IE (thanks Ted).

Aug 15-00

On Links page, updated AD-aware to v3.61 (Comet Cursor v2.0 & Flyswat); On Download Helpers page, added Aug 04 post to Download Wonder, corrected attribution of GetSmart post (thanks Russ), added a note to Go!Zilla; Added Excite @Home, Links4Ads, Matchlogic, and to lists on Advertising & Marketing Companies and Sitemap pages.

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